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To rid your establishment of New York pests, need a company that specializes in the territory.

Fly control is very specific to the species. Call us to schedule a free inspection so we can identify the insect, customize a program as needed for your particular situation. Contact Abalon Today!

New York is unquestionable the toughest city in the world when it comes to controlling pests. With thousands of miles of subway tunnels, sewer pipes, steam ducts and cable conduits there are millions of places for roaches and rodents to live and breed. And while you’re struggling to control the situation – to provide a safe and health environment for customers – New York’s health inspectors (also considered to be toughest in the world) are ready to cite you for sanitary violations.

That’s why you need more than an ordinary extermination service. You need a New York Pest control specialist. You need a company that has perfected its procedures and technology with enough determination and dedication to wipe out posers and keep them from coming back! You need a company that becomes a driving force on your team to ensure that our establishment stays clean and pest-free.

In a word, you need Abalon, the premier service in the New York Metropolitan area. We’ve grown up in this town, and we’ve learned what it takes to succeed around here: responsive service and total customer support. That’s what makes is unique in the field, and different from national generalists.

Founded in 1929, we’ve been the leading extermination service for New York City hotels and restaurants since World War II. Today, we’re one of the largest Commercial Pest Control Firms serving New York and the Greater Tri-State area.

And with 80 years of hard-earned experience behind us, Abalon delivers exceptional service to the Metropolitan area’s Hospitality, Healthcare, Foodservice and Food Distribution industries. We’re the only firm in town with teams of technicians dedicated exclusively to hotels/restaurants and supermarkets, and specially trained in sanitation and pest control including stored product pests.

As a matter of fact, only Abalon offers you a Certified 7-Point point Control Program that’s uniquely effective and fully approved by the New York Department of Agriculture and Markets.

Our highly skilled technicians draw on the expertise of top professionals. On-going training is provided by a leading entomologist, and by nationally recognized experts in all aspects of pest control. Specialized training in supermarket sanitation is also provided by an authority in the field. Abalon technicians will pass on this training to your staff to make sure pest control becomes a successful team effort.

Indeed, our technicians are the lifeblood of our company. Every Abalon technician cares as much about our customers as we do. They take pride in the work they do, and this uncompromising commitment to excellence of service is what sets us apart from any other company in the field.