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IPM (Integrated Pest Management)

Our reputation and success are founded on impeccable service and customer support. Only Abalon provides New York area commercial customers with this all-inclusive list of proprietary special services.

PRPC (Pest Related Power-Steam Cleaning)

Abalon cleaning specialists will execute a complete pre-treatment steam clean-out of your entire premises--walls, floors, drains, counters, kitchens, compactor rooms, dumpsters, disewalks -- everything to ensure proper sanitation including the elimination of flies and initiate practives that deter any future breeding and infestation.

IPM Pest Proofing

Abalon's trained sanitarians employ state-of-the-are Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to permanently interrupt the life-cycle of raoches, flies and other pests. This include initial cleaning, the most efficient and lease invasive eradication techniques, eliminateion of harborage and sealing-off of points of entry.

Additionally, we teach your staff how to identify andy potential sanitation problems including possible points of entry, and how to keep your premises clean and well-maintained to prevent re-infestation.

IPM Gel Baiting

Abalon bait gels offer a new low-odor, low-toxiciity, and highly-effective weapon in pest eradication. Applied in insect traffic areas and places where they live, these long-lasting treatments actually attract pests to eliminate them.

IPM Rodent Proofing

Abalon technicians will inspect for holes and entrances through which rodents are entering the premises. After identifying points of entry, we seal them with the right product for each specific problem and environment.


Abalon has 70 years of experience with New York's pest-related sanitary codes and inspection requirements. Our specialists will work with you prior to any inspection to correct all existing code violations and to perform all the work necessary to remove violations, including pest elimination, cleanup and necessary repairs.

At Abalon, we're dedicated to total pest control. We'll protect you with a uniquely effective program that combines technology and service. Call Abalon at 212-685-0505. We'll gladly provide testimonials from satisfied customers.