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Call Abalon to safely and effectively get rid of the most difficult bees, wasps, yellow jackets and hornet problems. Here at Abalon we always strive to provide same day service. All technicians are conveniently located throughout the area and equipped with smartphones for instant access, enabling them to respond to most calls the same day.

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What To Expect from Abalon's Bee, Wasp & Yellow Jacket Elimination Program

Abalon will come to your home to perform an inspection, fully equipped to eliminate your pest problem. We will identify the location of the nest, and treat the problem. In the case of an agrressive stinging insect, the Abalon technician will treat the nest and return to remove it after insuring that all the wasps have been killed.

Our treatment is backed by a full guarantee to put your mind at ease. By the off-chance there is a reinfestation, we will come out and retreat at no extra charge.

Paper Wasp, Polistes Sp. adult

Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jackets nest in the ground, in railroad ties, wall and ceiling voids and occasionally in the attic.

Yellow jackets are wasps with a waist. They are unusual in that workers also forage on foods consumed by people, especially sweets and meats. Keeping garbage cans closed and eliminating food and water sources will help keep yellow jackets away.

If a colony is disturbed they could become aggressive and sting. They become more aggressive towards the end of the summer as the colony has grown and they search for food.

We recommend that sanitation measures be taken to insure that all food sources are eliminated. All food trash should be in tightly closed plastic bags in closed trash containers. Barbecues and the area around the barbecue should be cleaned thoroughly to insure that there is no food debris that will attract Yellow Jackets.

Our trained technicians will identify the location of the nest and eliminate the problems to protect your health and safety.


Bald Faced Hornet

BALDFACED HORNETS are a type of Yellow Jacket that gets its name from its mostly black color and its white face.

They are the most aggressive if their nest is disturbed. The nest usually contains thousands of wasps.

Hornet's Nest

They live in aerial nests that resemble an inverted tear drop that is attached to a tree, a bush, a utility pole, a shed, an overhang or on the side of a building.

The pregnant females will overwinter in protected places.

Nests will grow as time passes if not eliminated. A nest might only be the size of a softball early in the season, but if left, can grow much larger. If the pregnant females are able to overwinter in the current nest, these nests can grow to be the size of watermelons or larger.

The Abalon technician will treat the nest and return to remove it after insuring that all the wasps have been killed. Call Abalon now and a technician will let you know the best course of action.

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